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18 Feb
Customer case study Centrix credit bureau
Read: how one lender streamlined operations and grew their portfolio
Category: Business, News
For one lender, moving their systems to Centrix was the catalyst that allowed them to more fully automate their business. They save 15 minutes per assessment, offer a more compr...
07 Dec
Small business credit risk and credit score check
How can small business owners manage credit risk?
Category: Business, News
In this article we outline what steps small business owners can take to help position themselves better to manage cashflow and credit risk in 2021.
25 Nov
Centrix press release One-in-five superannuitants managing a mortgage into retirement.
New data shows one-in-five over 65’s managing a mortgage into retirement
Category: News
This month we’ve been diving deep into our mortgage data and in doing so have found that nearly one-in-five Kiwi superannuitants are managing a mortgage into retirement.
12 Nov
What pandemic? People are borrowing like it's 2019 again? Stuff article 121120
Is the economy in rebound, despite COVID-19?
Category: Business, News
Our MD Keith McLaughlin speaks to Stuff about how our data shows signs of confidence returning to the economy.
14 Oct
Stuff article everything you wanted to know about Credit but were to afraid to ask Centrix Credit Bureu NZ
Everything you wanted to know about Credit but were to afraid to ask
Category: News
In this article we help demystify key points around credit we think all Kiwi's should know more about.
04 Sep
Centrix Datamine impact of Covid on Credit report
An exclusive report on consumer credit and spend behaviour due to Covid-19
Category: News
By augmenting consumer data from Datamine's Business Insight service with ours we provide a unique view of how Covid has impacted consumers.
21 Aug
Centrix Credit mortgage
One-in-Ten Mortgages in Tourist Hotspots on Payment Holiday
Category: News
Our data shows how our tourist towns are being hit hard by the economic impact of COVID-19.
21 Aug
NZ Consumer credit confidence due to COVID lock down Centrix
Consumer Credit Falls Sharply as Auckland Enters New Lockdown
Category: News
This week we released data showing new lockdown measures in Auckland have resulted in a sharp fall in the demand for consumer credit.
10 Aug
Centrix Credit Bureau Money Week
We answer the top three Personal Credit Score Questions
Category: News
This Money Week we’re proud to be helping Kiwi’s feel sorted by understanding their Personal Credit Scores.
16 Jul
impact of COVID-19 repayment holidays
COVID-19 repayment holidays
Category: News
Using data from our monthly COVID insight reports, Stuff reported on the impact of COVID-19 repayment holidays.  
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