Want to gain better operational efficiencies in your collections team?

SmartCollect is a suite of products designed to support the collections function of your business.

SmartCollect enables you to take a proactive approach with arrears, gain operational efficiencies in your collections team, and minimise write-offs.

Features include:

  • Collections score – predicts collections outcomes one month ahead. This help you optimise your debt collection efforts to make more informed and profitable decisions.
  • Default Payment score – predicts the likelihood each consumer will repay their debt over the next 18 months, to give you more long-term visibility of risk. By having visibility of default risk in advance, your business can prioritise the best collections path, such as accelerated collections, payment arrangement plans, third party agency placements and debt sale plans.

Other SmartCollect services:

  • Credit score monitoring alert serviceget alerts when a customer’s score drops or increases – you set the parameters for the alerts.
  • Other alertsget alerts when a customer makes a credit enquiry, has a new default loaded, changes address or misses a payment.
  • Trace services – get the latest physical or email address available.

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Reduce your risk with consumer and business credit checks

Centrix credit reports help you reduce risk when lending to consumers and businesses, or providing goods and services on account, to be paid for at a later date.

Since 2009 we’ve been helping Kiwi businesses of all sizes to make quick and confident risk assessments, whilst complying with the latest regulations. We hold the most comprehensive consumer credit information database in New Zealand – with credit information on 95% of the adult population and most credit active businesses. This information is sourced from credit providers, third party data sources and debt collection agencies.