Comprehensive Credit Reports (CCR)

Enhance your lending decisions with Comprehensive Credit Reports (CCR)

Centrix Comprehensive Credit Reports (CCR) help registered Financial Services Providers to make quick and confident risk assessments, while complying with the latest regulations. We hold the most comprehensive consumer credit information database in New Zealand – with credit information for over 4 million Kiwi consumers (95% of the adult population) and many credit-active businesses. This information is sourced from credit providers, third party data sources and debt collection agencies.

About CCR

Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) is available as an enhancement to consumer credit reports.
You’ll be able to view defaults, enquiries, any company affiliations the individual has and insolvency records. You’ll also receive an easy-to-read credit score that provides a snapshot of an individual’s
creditworthiness – the lower the number, the higher the risk.

Using our in-depth CCR reporting, you can accurately assess a customer’s financial position, simply and easily in a simple report. The level of detail contained in a CCR report helps you to comply with many regulations and offer a streamlined application process (which means less paperwork for you), and faster, more reliable approvals for your customers.

In addition, CCR provides an enhanced view of a customer’s credit profile, including up to 24 months repayment history along with the account type, credit limit amount and account status.

Key benefits:

  • Insights into customers’ credit behaviour
  • Be alerted to hardship indicators
  • Enable risk-based pricing
  • Set appropriate credit limits

What’s included in CCR Reports:

  • Credit score
  • Personal information, including previous names and addresses
  • Account information
  • Credit defaults, insolvencies and judgements, if any
  • Credit enquiries
  • Company affiliations
  • Property ownership
  • 24 months’ repayment history
  • Account types
  • Credit limit by account
  • Account status
  • Driver’s license verification
  • Outstanding court fines

Data sharing

As a lender, you can only access CCR data if you share payment information on your own customers, according to the RCANZ Principles of Reciprocity.  Contact us to learn how we have simplified this process for you.

Access to the service as a broker is slightly different, as you are acting on behalf of the consumer. Learn more here

Get Comprehensive Credit Reports online

To get started with CCR and run automated identity checks on your clients, call us on 0800 236 874 or email with any queries.