Alerts Monitoring

Monitor for changes to your customers credit positions


Get notified when a customer’s credit position changes. You set the alert criteria and you’re only charged when alerts are triggered.

To protect your cashflow and make sure you get paid, you can monitor your existing customers for any changes to their circumstances and ability to pay, via the Centrix alert monitoring system.

A shift in a company’s payment status or change in company directors can be a red flag that your account is at risk.

Alerts can show you if your customer ends up in payment default with another credit provider, so you can proactively manage your relationship, and make sure your business gets paid. Early insights will help you to support customers at risk by spotting impending defaults early.

You’ll also be able to boost revenue by offering top ups or additional services to your more credit-worthy customers.

Alert monitors that are available are:

  • Change of address
  • All adverse, or
    • New default only
    • New Judgment only
    • New Insolvency only
  • CCR account and payment status
  • All Enquiries, or
    • New Enquiries with specific enquiry reason
  • All activity monitor – This will monitor for all new addresses, adverse, enquiries and new/updated Companies Office Data

All new / updated Companies Office Data:

  • New Director only
  • New shareholder only
  • Receivership / Liquidation for any linked company
  • Directorship Changes
  • Receivership / Liquidation
  • Registered Name Changes
  • New Default Data Only
  • New Insolvency Data
  • New Judgment Data
  • All New Adverse data

With Alerts Monitoring you can:

  • Set criteria for an alert
  • Monthly changes to credit score
  • Notifications when a customer’s financial position changes
  • Manage credit exposure by early notification of bad payment history
  • Boost revenue by offering more to good credit customers
  • Charged only when alert activates

The Centrix Portfolio Healthcheck service is also available, to make understanding your ledger’s risk profile easier. Centrix Alerts Monitoring and Portfolio Healthcheck services provide a cost-effective way to monitor the risk of your existing accounts.

To learn more or to talk to our team about an integrated solution, get in touch on 0800 236 874.