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6 October 2021 Posted by: Sarah Brown News

Recent online media coverage featuring Centrix insights or commentary:

April 2024

Data finds more people up to date on their payments (NewstalkZB)

Debt arrears down 4.8 percent in February – report (RNZ)

Kiwis’ credit by the numbers (Stuff)

Kiwi financial hardship rises in first months of 2024 – data (1News)

Payback time: consumers at 30-days past due hit six-year high (BusinessDesk)

Mixed credit trends amid NZ’s recession concerns (NZAdvisor)

What is happening with the NZ housing market this week? (RNZ)

Auckland epicentre of mortgage crisis (The Press)

Building company failures are the ‘new pandemic’ (The Press)

Growing number of homeowners falling behind on their mortgage (The Spinoff)

Small businesses warned about loans (The NZ Mortgage Magazine)

Kate Sylvester closure: ‘Really difficult’ time for retailers (RNZ)

March 2024

New Zealanders not paying their bills hits seven-year high (Newshub)

Auckland houses for sale flood market, hit 11-year peak (NZ Herald)

Number of Kiwis behind on mortgage highest since before Covid (1News)

Small business owners feeling the squeeze – Centrix (NBR)

Half a million NZ consumers in debt arrears – report (RNZ)

More than 480,000 Kiwis behind in debt payments (NZ Herald)

New Zealanders not paying their bills hits seven-year high (MSN NZ)

Mortgage arrears rising but still low (The NZ Mortgage Magazine)

Mortgage arrears rising but still low (Good Returns)

Post-Christmas spending hangover sees loan arrears hit seven-year high (The Press)

Centrix says as consumer arrears climb, the flow on effect continues to impact Kiwi businesses. Overall business defaults were up 28% year-on-year in January 2024, while company liquidations were up 16% over the same period (Interest)

February 2024

More Kiwis falling behind on debt payments (1News)

Pressure on homeowners – mortgage arrears at 4 year high (RNZ)

More kiwis are behind on their bills as cost of living pressures bite (NewstalkZB)

Number of Kiwis falling behind on credit payments nears half a million – new data (Newshub)

Interest rates, cost-of-living drive up business and consumer defaults (RNZ)

More Kiwis falling behind on debt payments (1News)

Mortgage pain hits: Why can’t we use our money to clear it? (Stuff)

Credit culture: another holiday under the belt we’re tightening (BusinessDesk)

Homeowners under pressure as mortgage arrears hit near four-year high (NZ Herald)

January 2024

By the numbers: One man’s struggle to get out of debt (The Post)

How credit scores work (The Post)

The retail and hospitality businesses that went bust last year (The Post)

December 2023

How to avoid the debt trap over the holiday season (The Post)

Tough year reflected in falling credit scores, but the south is holding up better than the north (The Press)

Jump in mortgage arrears as interest rates bite (RNZ)

Spike in arrears on mortgages over $500,000 as interest rates and cost of living bite (The Post)

Debt risk as more Kiwis plan to put Christmas spending on credit cards (NZ Herald)

Cost of living pressures drive drop in retail spending (RNZ)

Interest-only loans spurned as mortgage arrears increase (Good Returns)

Almost 20,000 home loan borrowers falling behind: ‘Scary thing is it’s still going’ (Stuff)

‘Slow and low’: BNZ says housing market upturn will be like The Beastie Boys (BusinessDesk)

More than 19,000 home loan payments overdue as high interest rates hit mortgage holders (NZHerald)

Demand for consumer credit up before Christmas – Centrix (RNZ)

Mortgage stress for business owners hits new high (Waikato Times)

NZers debt increased in November data shows (RNZ)

A review of things you need to know before you sign off on Friday; no retail rate changes, low confidence improves, high stocks rise, low stress rises, swaps up, NZD firms, & more (Interest)

Cost of living: More than 19,000 Kiws behind on mortgage payments ahead of Christmas new data reveals (Newshub)

Focus Morning Bulletin: Rail costs, ceasefire extended and mortgage pain (NZHerald)

Liam Dann: Brace yourself – big warning buried in the Reserve Bank statement (NZHerald)

November 2023

Centrix upgrade to make loan applications faster and easier (RNZ)

Centrix enhances financial data services in New Zealand (NZAdvisor)

Centrix and Envestnet | Yodlee to enhance financial data in New Zealand (CFOtech)

The Kiwi companies most likely to go bust: Credit data mostly doom and gloom, but some room for hope (NZ Herald)

The businesses failing under cost-of-living pressure (Stuff)

‘Past due’ Kiwis surge to 427,000 (Business Desk)

Credit bureau Centrix says company liquidations are on the rise, with credit defaults climbing ‘across the board’ in September (Interest)

Credit demand rebounds to pre-pandemic levels – Centrix (NZ Advisor)

Bad for business: New data shows more companies are going under (RNZ)

Struggles with debt for most Kiwis (The NZ Mortgage Mag)

Supie’s last days: The cashflow crisis behind the smiles (Newsroom)

Cost of living: Nearly one in four online-only New Zealand businesses have been liquidated since 2020 – Centrix report (Newshub)

New Zealand facing ‘pockets of stress’ as Kiwis ‘tested by higher debt servicing burdens’, Reserve Bank warns (Newshub)

Fears workers will lose their jobs as unemployment rate rises to 3.9 percent (Newshub)

Newsable: Tricky times might prompt wave of small new businesses (Stuff)

Supie’s last days: The cashflow crisis behind the smiles (Newsroom)

Auto loans driving up credit demand (Autotalk)

How to save an emergency fund: Kiwis share their money tips as cost of living makes saving harder (NZ Herald)

From wealth of $4m to living on noodles: ‘What is the world coming to?’ (Stuff)

October 2023

Higher mortgage arrears ‘result of Reserve Bank engineered downturn’ (Stuff)

Data shows 18,600 home loans are in arrears (Business Desk)

Back pocket squeeze: Demand for consumer and business credit rises (NZ Herald)

Why is the demand for credit rising? (Newstalk ZB)

Households managing debt as economy slows but businesses under strain (RNZ)

Large rise in number of Kiwi businesses going under (TVNZ)

Will repealing the CCCFA be enough? (Good Returns)

Elderly Māori hard-hit by rising costs as they refinance to help whānau (Newsroom)

‘Very sharp’ construction downturn likely, as residential consents slump (RNZ)

September 2023

Fall in monthly mortgage arrears indicates Kiwis adapting to inflationary environment – expert (Newshub)

Credit arrears and business liquidations increase towards pre-pandemic levels – Centrix (RNZ)

Borrower pain hits five-year high: Who’s being hit the hardest (NZ Herald)

Cost of living: Number of New Zealanders falling behind on credit card payments grows (Newshub)

More than 426,000 people now ‘past due’ (BusinessDesk)

Debt stress among young people and businesses rising, Centrix says, with borrowers aged under 25 appearing ‘to be struggling quite consistently’ (interest.co.nz)

Centrix reveals who is struggling the most with debt (Stuff)

August 2023

How much interest rate pain is too much to bear?

Good Shepherd NZ launches ‘Good Now, Good Later’ small loans

Stalling at the lights: Low prices, FOMO and election can’t ignite property rebound

Government set to gut loan affordability rules in CCCFA review to make sure people can borrow when they have good credit

Tricks to stop your credit card debt from snowballing

Market Watch: Why high interest rates aren’t crashing the economy … yet

Mortgage borrowing hits a high

Business defaults rise but homeowners winning battle with rising interest rates

Business liquidations up 36%

Younger people feeling most ‘financial stress’, Centrix says

Developers increasingly defaulting on loans

New data shows company liquidations continue to climb

July 2023

Cost of living: Missed mortgage, credit repayments creep up

Demand for six types of loan tells story of economy of two halves

As home loan rates continue to rise, more households are missing repayments

By the numbers: The mortgage refixing bomb

Credit bureau Centrix says while homeowners contend with rising mortgage interest rates and the financial squeeze, business owners are grappling with lower activity and spending

Building firms go to the wall as housing market falls away

426,000 New Zealanders now behind on debt repayments

Households falling behind on debt repayments

One in 10 Kiwis behind on debt repayments, the highest level in four years – report

Numbers behind in debt repayments rise to highest level in four years

Kiwis nervous as mortgage interest rates go up

Companies filing for liquidation up 35% year-on-year

Mortgage arrears now at highest levels since March 2020

Mortgage delinquencies in May at highest since March 2020

Surge in Delinquent Debt Repayments Reaches Four-Year Peak

June 2023

Drop in households struggling with debt, but businesses are doing it hard

Figures show reversal in increase of arrears in mortgages for first time in eight months

Fewer people in arrears as households adjust to ‘tough times’, data shows

Business News for 1 June 2023

Kiwis getting used to high interest rates but warned not to fix for long

Home loan borrowers getting used to higher interest rates ‘new norm’

Credit stress easing, new mortgages 28% down

Editorial: Green shoots in property sector point to economic rebound

Mortgage arrears retreat for first time in eight months

Money, mortgage interest rates and how Kiwis have saved $425m

Motor Vehicle Register ‘doesn’t show what people think it does’

Some banks will be ready for open banking before May 2024

Big profits not to blame for inflation, report suggests

New Zealand is officially in a recession. These charts show how Australia compares

Buy now pay later reforms underway

Buy now, pay later provider Afterpay pushes for watered-down rules

Liquidations rising as economy worsens and Inland Revenue cracks down on tax debtors

May 2023

Centrix COO explains how new data sharing platform benefits buy now, pay later users

BNPL firms to share data on consumer accounts in arrears

Buy now, pay later loan safety scheme launches

Centrix, buy now pay later operators launch PayWatch

New buy now pay later initiative aims to protect people in financial difficulty

Centrix And ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Providers Launch World-first PayWatch Initiative To Deepen Customer Protections

Centrix and ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ providers launch world-first PayWatch initiative to deepen customer protections

Demand for vehicle loans grows

Mortgage rates have exceeded what many borrowers were stress-tested at

Debt spiral: Record number of buy now pay later accounts in arrears, credit bureau

Struggling families ‘stuck’ using buy now pay later for essentials

Consumer debt crisis: Buy now, pay later loan arrears hit record level

Business News for 2 May 2023

More homeowners falling behind on mortgage payments

Almost 20,000 homeowners are past due on mortgage payments

Sharp rise in number of people getting behind on buy now lay later payments as overall consumer arrears climb

RBNZ likely to remain sanguine about arrears

Almost 20,000 homeowners falling behind on mortgage payments

Households behind on mortgage repayments up 26%

Twelve percent of New Zealand borrowers behind on debt repayments, data shows

Home loan arrears rising

April 2023

More than 400,000 people behind on debt repayments as demand for credit increases by 3 percent

Missed Mortgage Payments Swell in Housing Bellwether New Zealand

Mortgage payments missed; consumer lending up 19%

Five hundred more households fall behind on home loan payments

Mortgage squeeze: More loan payments missed as Kiwis feel pinch of rising rates

Mortgage arrears climb for seventh consecutive month

NZD higher oil prices drive global rates higher…

Business News for 4 April 2023

Kiwi’s are falling behind on their mortgage payments, and it’s going to get worse – that’s the warning from Centrix’s Keith McLaughlin

Mortgage rate spike

Demand for credit increases, more households in arrears

New mortgage borrowing plummets

March 2023

What happens when housing’s ‘wealth effect’ dries up?

More than 1 million NZ driver licence numbers caught up in Latitude hack

How to protect yourself if you fear your data’s been stolen in a hack

60% of Kiwi households face refinancing mortgage at higher rates

Loan default consequences hit home

‘Money life’ is better in the south, and the reason is simple

Vehicle arrears climbing

Centrix data shows over 18,000 households are behind on mortgage payments

Vehicle arrears climbing

Mortgage arrears up as rates start to bite

Arrears on mortgages at highest level since start of Covid

New debt figures paint dark picture for Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay households

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub provides tips for getting out of debt

Mortgagee sales more than double in February but total remains low – Trade Me

More pain on way for mortgage holders

Slowest Auckland February house sales for quarter century: Barfoot & Thompson

Kiwis still waiting at the start line of recessionary marathon

Economist provides tips for getting out of debt

Kiwis behind on mortgage repayments at highest level since 2020

More debt problems – Centrix

The Panel (discussing the latest Credit Indicator report)

Data shows 430,000 New Zealanders behind in credit repayments in January

By the numbers: How 430,000 people got behind on their loans

Credit bureau Centrix says the current economic climate is ‘putting pressure on households across New Zealand’

February 2023

Buy now pay later lenders crack down on who they lend to as providers search for profitability

Crackdown: pawn brokers and payday lenders target cyclone victims

Who’s struggling the most? Stats reveal the biggest jumps in mortgage stress

Billions more paid in interest: Mortgage holders are coping, for now at least

Slow 2023 start to residential market

More Kiwis behind on debt repayments

What is a reverse mortgage and how does it work

400,000 Kiwis behind in credit repayments

Centrix data shows 400,000 Kiwis are behind on their bills

400,000 Kiwis behind in credit repayments with arrears hitting 11.3% in December

Demand for personal credit rises, arrears also up as cost of living bites

Credit bureau Centrix says loan arrears rates are rising but remain behind historic levels

400,000 people behind on their bills: ‘You can’t put up interest rates without affecting households’

Demand for personal credit rises, arrears also up as cost of living bites

Credit arrears at highest level since pre-Covid

Consumer loans have gone up by a whopping 27% year on year to December – mortgage lending fell 43% for the same period

Business news for 1 February

January 2023

Zero interest loans and debt solutions a cornerstone in the response to cost-of-living pressures

Stress cracks start to show in Queenstown property

Under pressure

The credit agencies that can torpdeo your home loan application