Reducing risk for the hospitality sector

Reducing risk for the hospitality sector

Find out how to minimise
risk and be confident in
your cashflow cycle

Centrix gives the hospitality sector greater confidence when providing products and services to customers in advance of payment. To reduce risk, you can use Centrix business credit reports to credit check your new and existing customers. Credit checking will give you insight into the likelihood that your customer will pay you on time.

Every business has a credit score between 1 – 1,000, based on credit payment history. The higher the score the more likely you are to get paid.

Alerts monitoring will help you to manage existing customer risk. Receive alerts when your customers and suppliers credit position changes to mitigate disruption to your cashflow and supply chain.


You are 15 times more likely to be paid on time by a business with a high credit score, than a low one

Business credit reports for the hospitality sector include the following information:

  • Credit score (from 0 – 1000). You are 15 times more likely to be paid on time by a business with a high credit score, than a low one.
  • Company information, including previous names/registered trading names and addresses.
  • Account information and repayment history*.
  • Credit defaults, arrears, receivership and judgments, if any.
  • Company affiliations for business credit reports.
  • Credit enquiries.
  • Director and shareholder names + shareholdings for businesses.
  • Option to include a Director’s consumer file (with their consent), Beneficial Owners Report and corporate family tree to easily understand the company shareholding structure.
  • * Principles of reciprocity apply.
Business credit reports for the hospitality sector

Key credit information for the hospitality sector


Average credit score for Kiwi hospitality businesses


Credit score change (Last 12 months)


Credit ranking out of 12 New Zealand Industries

You can check your own credit score by downloading your business credit report from Centrix.
It’s cost effective, fast and can be ordered online with a credit card.

*Data as at 31/12/2023.

New to credit checking? More about Centrix

New Zealand’s credit bureau

Centrix has the most comprehensive account payment data and credit information – covering 95% of New Zealand consumers and most credit-active companies. Unlike internationally owned bureaus, our focus is 100% on New Zealand.

What is a credit bureau

A credit bureau assesses the creditworthiness of a business or a consumer, based on their financial information and payment history. Credit data is gathered from various providers such as banks, finance companies, utility companies, debt collection agencies and other businesses.

What is credit checking

Credit checking is the process of checking the credit report and score for a prospective customer (either an individual or a business) prior to agreeing to lend them money or provide them with your product or service in advance of payment.

How does credit checking help?

Checking a prospective customer’s credit report will help you to make an informed decision before entering into a relationship with the customer and give you greater confidence that they will pay you on time.

Centrix allows you to enter a customer arrangement eyes-wide-open

Keith Mclaughlin, Centrix founder

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