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My personal credit report

Your credit score is a number between 1 and 1000 that indicates how likely you are to pay your bills on time. The higher the score, the better your credit rating is. If your score is low, companies may be reluctant to lend to you or may charge you a higher rate.

Get a free copy of your personal credit report from Centrix to understand more about what’s affecting your score and how you can improve it. Centrix is New Zealand’s only locally owned consumer credit bureau with 95% of credit active Kiwi’s in our database.

Fill in the details below to receive a free copy of your credit report. If you supply a current New Zealand driver’s licence, or New Zealand passport, your application will be processed as soon as possible, generally on the next working day. If you supply another form of ID, your credit report will take 5-10 working days.

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We know it can be distressing if your credit score is lower than you hoped. The score is calculated based on the data in your credit report. See the FAQs at the bottom of this page for more on how you can understand and improve your credit score.

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If you are struggling to get on top of debt and pay your bills, get free and confidential budgeting advice from MoneyTalks. Visit their website here.

Laws around lending money to consumers in New Zealand are changing, it’s important to know how these changes affect you and what to expect as a borrower. Read this helpful summary of changes from the Financial Services Federation and the New Zealand Bankers’ Association.


    Please provide your details as shown on your passport / drivers license / birth certificate:


    Have you ever used another name?

    Area Code + Phone Number

    Have you been at your current address for less than 3 years?

    How would you like your Credit Report to be provided to you?

    We have to take steps to ensure that your Credit Report is only received by you. When selecting a delivery option you need to consider who else may have access to the delivery option you choose. Please enter either your email address or postal address.

    Identification Verification Information

    Before we can supply your Credit Report, we need to take precautions to check your identity. Please select the type of identification that you will be supplying:

    Current NZ Driver LicenceCurrent NZ PassportOther

    If you supply your NZ driver licence details, we will verify these with the NZTA and you consent to us doing this.

    If you supply your NZ passport details, we will verify these with the DIA and you consent to us doing this.

    Please send a photocopy of your identification by separate email or post. Your Credit Report cannot be actioned until this has been received.

    Privacy Notice

    The information you provide us is used to confirm your identity and to satisfy ourselves that we are providing your Credit Report to you, and not someone else. If you do not provide this information, we may not be able to provide your Credit Report. If we cannot satisfy ourselves of your identity, we may require further information from you, or we may not be able to provide your Credit Report.

    Your ID information may be shared with third parties for verification: NZ Driver Licence details is shared with Waka Kotahi NZTA and NZ Passport details is shared with Dept of Internal Affairs. Please refer to the relevant third party’s privacy policies for how they handle your personal information. Once we have completed the ID verification process, we securely destroy your ID information, except NZ Driver Licence details which we retain in a hashed form and used for matching purposes only to ensure your credit information is linked to you and no one else.

    If you consent, your name, address and date of birth will update your Centrix credit file to ensure we have the most recent and accurate information, or if you we do not currently have a credit file, will be used to create a record. This information may be available to our subscribers when checking your Centrix credit file in the future. For further details see our Privacy Statement.

    We will give you reasons if we are unable to provide your Credit Report. If you believe information in your Credit Report is incorrect, please contact us and provide details of the incorrect information including any supporting documentation you may hold. Our complaints procedure can be found here. The Credit Reporting Privacy Code contains a Summary of Rights that sets out the rights the code gives individuals. You can download a copy from here.

    Phone: 09 9669706
    Post: PO Box 62512, Greenlane, Auckland 1546


    I am requesting access to my own Credit Report and the details I have provided are true and correct.
    I have read and understood the Privacy Notices.
    I have carefully chosen a Delivery Option to ensure I will receive my Credit Report.

    For a downloadable version of this form, please click here.

    Please fill in, sign and return to us.

    Frequently asked questions

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    Your credit score is a number between 1 and 1000 that indicates how likely you are to pay your bills on time. A high score means you may get better offers from banks, insurance and utility companies. A low score can result in companies refusing to lend to you or charging you a higher interest rate.

    Consumer credit bureau’s collect information on bill payments, any loan defaults as well as court judgments and how much credit you have across your mortgage and credit cards. Paying bills in full on time is also recorded, so this increases your score.

    Most credit scores are between 500 and 900. A good score is considered more than 705.

    If you think your Centrix credit report contains incorrect information, you can make a request to correct it by contacting us. Considering a correction request will often involve contacting the organisation that provided the information to Centrix. We will advise you of our decision within 20 working days, unless we require additional time to investigate your request.

    Pay your accounts on time and keep them up to date.

    Settle any outstanding defaults. A default will stay on your file for 5 years but over time the impact of the default will reduce. Paying your default will help reduce the negative impact.

    Don’t open new accounts or make repeated applications for credit. Lots of enquiries for small loans or credit on your file can negatively impact your score as it could be seen that there is an increased risk. Please note, asking for a credit history by requesting a report is not the same as a credit enquiry with a lender. You can access your credit history with us and get your score as many times as you like, and it will not impact your score.

    There may not be much information about your credit history, meaning you might not have applied for much credit, so there is limited data to base your score on.

    Very Good and Excellent scores are usually assigned where you have a long active credit history and a very good payment history demonstrating a high level of stability.

    A Centrix credit report contains credit information about you that is allowed by the Credit Reporting Privacy Code (“Code”). Centrix may provide your credit report to its subscribers, including credit providers that have your consent to review your credit report and debt collectors. Generally, credit providers are businesses who lend money (such as banks or finance companies) or businesses who provide goods and services before payment (such as mobile phone retailers or gas or electricity retailers).

    The following information may be on your credit report:

    • Full Name and any known alias name or previous name
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Address and any known previous address
    • Occupation and any previous occupation
    • Employer and any previous employer
    • Type of credit sought
    • Amount of credit sought
    • Whether you are the applicant, joint applicant or guarantor
    • Date of the application
    • Details of the credit provider

    In addition, the following information in relation to any defaults by you in payments of a credit account may be on your credit report:

    • Whether you are the account holder or guarantor
    • Date of the default
    • Type of account, the amount in default and the total amount owing on the account
    • Status of the default including details of any referral to a debt collector and any payment, part payment, scheme of arrangement or write-off subsequent to the default
    • Details of the final settlement of an amount of default
    • Details of the subscriber
    • Subscriber’s client reference number

    Your report may also contain information sourced from public registries such as:

    • District and High Court Judgments
    • Current and past Company directorships
    • Bankruptcy notices

    View our sample report which details the type of information we hold.

    Click here

    The Code sets out how long certain information can remain on your credit file, including the following:

    Credit application information 5 years from date of application
    Credit account information (other than repayment history information) 2 years from date credit account closed
    Repayment history information 2 years from month following due date of periodic payment
    Payment default information 5 years from date of default
    Judgment information 5 years from date of judgment
    Single bankruptcy 4 years from date of discharge from bankruptcy
    Single entry to no asset procedure 4 years from date of discharge from no asset procedure
    Multiple insolvency events (as provided in the Insolvency Act 2006, s.449A) Indefinitely
    Previous enquiry record 4 years from date of enquiry
    Serious credit infringement information 5 years from date of report

    You can request a copy of your credit report from us. So that we can be satisfied that your credit report is being released to you, and not someone else, you will need to complete the on-line application form including your identification details or send to us an application form and provide suitable identification. You can also arrange for your information to be sent to your agent (for example, a financial advisor or debt counsellor).

    If we do not correct the information in accordance with your request you can request that there be attached to the information a statement of the correction sought by you and not made. You can do this by contacting us. You can also make a complaint to Centrix and we will investigate your complaint under our Complaints Procedure. Details of our Complaints Procedure is found here. You can make a complaint by contacting us.

    The Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2020 affords you specific rights to access any data we hold on you and to request correction. A summary of your rights under the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2020 can be found here.

    If you think Centrix has breached the Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2020, you should contact us and we will investigate your complaint in accordance with our Complaints Procedure. Details of our Complaints Procedure is found here.

    If you believe that you have been, or are likely to be, a victim of fraud (including identity fraud) you can request to suppress your credit file. Read more here to suppress your credit file page.

    Centrix has an agreement to forward ‘freeze’ requests with the two other credit reporters (Equifax and illion) and can pass these on so you will not need to contact them separately if you agree to this.

    If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you may complain to the Privacy Commissioner. Details of how to do so can be found on the Commissioner’s website