Portfolio Healthcheck

Understand & monitor the risk of all of your accounts


Our Portfolio Healthcheck service provides a cost-effective way to monitor the risk of your existing accounts. The report assesses your company ledger’s profile at any point in time and can compare to previous data if available.

It compares your portfolio’s performance against a wide range of key indicators pulled from datasets across multiple industries, including telecommunications and utilities, traditional banking, finance and others.

At a glance, you’ll be able to view your portfolio’s performance and risk status in a clear and simple format, with industry benchmarks for easy comparisons.

You can segment by product, region, or age, follow trends in improvement or decline in credit scores, and understand your customers’ external positions. For instance, you may have a segment of customers that pay you on time, but are in severe payment delinquency with another credit provider.  If you knew this information, would you change your credit policy for that group of customers?

Portfolio Healthcheck is a powerful tool to understand if your sales and growth strategy is working and if you are getting the right type of customers.

You can also use this popular Centrix tool proactively to engage with your customers to top up credit or set new limits. Improve your team’s efficiencies by prioritising and applying relevant strategies to debtors based.

  • Say “yes” to your customers quickly
  • Make quick decisions with real-time information
  • Understand how your overall customer risk profile is changing
  • Measure marketing and credit activity effectiveness
  • Manage your risk
  • More efficient collections

Alerts Monitoring is also available. This service notifies you of changes in your customers’ credit position. Centrix Alerts Monitoring and Portfolio Healthcheck services provide a cost-effective way to monitor the risk of your existing accounts.

To learn more or to talk to our team about an integrated solution, get in touch on 0800 236 874.