Consumer Credit Report

Reduce your risk

Centrix credit reports help you reduce risk when lending to consumers or businesses, or providing goods and services on account, to be paid for at a later date.

Since 2009 we’ve been helping Kiwi businesses of all sizes to make quick and confident risk assessments, whilst complying with the latest regulations. We hold the most comprehensive consumer credit information database in New Zealand – with credit information for over 4 million Kiwi consumers (95% of the adult population). This information is sourced from credit providers, third party data sources and debt collection agencies.

Our Consumer Credit Report helps you make informed decisions about new and existing customers, and company directors. You’ll be able to view defaults, enquiries, any company affiliations the individual has and insolvency records. You’ll also receive an easy-to-read credit score that provides a snapshot of an individual’s creditworthiness – the lower the number, the higher the risk.

Eligible businesses can participate in CCR (Comprehensive Credit Reporting), for an enhanced view including up to 24 months repayment history along with the account type, credit limit amount and account status.

What a consumer credit report includes:

  • Credit score
  • Personal information, including previous names and addresses
  • Account information
  • Credit defaults, insolvencies and judgements, if any
  • Credit enquiries
  • Company affiliations
  • Property ownership

Consumer Credit Reports also include optional drivers licence verification to help you verify a consumer’s identity, and a record of any outstanding court fines they owe, at no additional charge.

With Centrix, there are no joining fees or ongoing annual fees. Simply pay for what you use with our competitive per report pricing.

Benefits of consumer credit checking:

  • Make quick decisions with real-time data
  • Say “yes” to your customers quickly
  • Manage your risk
  • Take on more good customers
  • Set the right credit terms for each customer
  • Consistency across the assessment process


A Centrix Consumer Credit Report is a document you can access on a potential or existing customer that helps you to make smarter business, payment, and lending decisions by providing you with a comprehensive data-driven credit score. The score consolidates risk outcomes and gives you a snapshot of a consumer’s creditworthiness, helping you immediately predict whether they will default or fail on payments so you can protect your cashflow.  The score is displayed in a simple, digestible format. The lower the credit score number, the higher the risk.

Consumer credit reports help you understand a potential customer creditworthiness – the likelihood that they will pay their bills, based on their payment history with other creditors.

Using this information, you can reduce your risk by only extending credit to consumers who are likely to pay you on time.

Centrix recommends getting a Consumer Credit Report before you offer lending, credit, or payment terms to a consumer. The Report will enable you to quickly assess the likelihood that the customer will or will not be able to pay you. You may also want to obtain a report on an existing customer who are applying for a credit limit increase, or defaulting on payments to get an understanding of why.

You may also want to assess the credit risk of company directors if you are going to offer terms of trade or a line of credit.

All businesses who offer products and services to other businesses or customers that involve lending, credit, invoicing customers or extended payment terms should credit check customers prior to doing business with them. This will help you to identify at risk customers who are likely to default, resulting in you not getting paid for the product or service you’ve already delivered.

Obtaining a Consumer Credit Report is simple and quick. Click here, select the pricing option you would like, and set up an account. There are no joining fees and no annual fees.
You must have consent from the individual to obtain a credit report.

If your customer or a prospective customer has a low credit score, this means that they are at a higher risk of defaulting on future payments. Knowing a customer’s credit score in advance may help you decide how you approach risk management, for example, requiring prepayment for any goods or services you provide.

Prospective employers or their agent may undertake a pre-employment credit check on an individual for a position involving significant financial risk to the business, with their permission.

Why Centrix?

As New Zealand’s only locally owned consumer credit bureau, we know New Zealanders better than anyone, and now you can too.

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