Business Credit Report

Make faster, more reliable business decisions

Centrix Business Credit Reports give you comprehensive business credit data to assess the risk of new customer account applications and new supplier arrangements. The reports give you deep insights into a company’s past credit behaviour, delivered in an easy-to-read format.

Business Credit Reports feature a credit score which is a summary of the information in the report, designed to provide a snapshot of a company’s creditworthiness. The credit score helps you predict the likelihood of businesses defaulting in the next 12-24 months.

Running business credit checks can help you to set appropriate terms of trade for each new customer to determine whether to supply good and services on credit. You can also run credit checks on potential suppliers, to help secure your supply chain and reduce operational risk.

Pay for what you need – buy a single report for just $49+gst, or save when you purchase multiple reports.

Why a Business Credit Report makes sense

In NZ, every business has a credit score between 1 – 1,000. The higher the score the more likely you are to get paid. Business credit reports are a great tool for understanding your customers, suppliers and debtors, and helping you to manage your cashflow.

  • Know the risk – you’re 15 times more likely to be paid on time by a company with a high credit score, than a low one.
  • Better manage your cashflow – quickly assess your customer’s ability to pay.
  • Affordable pricing – get a one-off report or save with multiple reports.
  • Fast – you’ll receive an email within minutes.
  • Confidential report – no need to advise your customers and suppliers.

What a Business Credit Report includes

  • Credit score
  • Company information, including previous registered and trading names
  • Registration period
  • Directors names
  • Shareholder names, shareholdings and affiliations, if any
  • Credit defaults, insolvencies and judgements, if any
  • Credit enquiries

Pay only for the information you need. You can customise your report to include some or all of the following:

  • Director’s consumer file (with consent)
  • Beneficial Owners Report and corporate family tree to easily understand the company shareholding structure

View an example report to see full details.

How it works:


A Business Credit Report is a document you can access on a potential or existing customer that helps you to make smarter business, payment, and lending decisions by providing you with a comprehensive data-driven credit score. The score consolidates risk outcomes and gives you a snapshot of a company’s creditworthiness, helping you immediately predict whether a company will default or fail on payments so you can protect your cashflow.  The score is displayed in a simple, digestible format. The lower the credit score number, the higher the risk.

Business credit reports help you understand a potential customer or suppliers creditworthiness. That is, the likelihood that they will pay their bills, based on their payment history with other creditors.

Companies with high credit scores are 15 times more likely to pay their bills on time than companies with low credit scores. Using this information, you can protect your cashflow by only extending credit to businesses who are likely to pay you on time, or dealing with reliable suppliers.

Centrix recommends getting a Business Credit Report before you chose to do business with another business, especially if you will be offering lending, credit, or payment terms. A Business Credit Report will enable you to quickly assess the likelihood that the customer will or will not be able to pay you. You may also want to obtain a Business Credit Report on an existing customer who is defaulting on payments to get an understanding of why, and suppliers to give you confidence on the reliability of your supply chain.

All businesses who offer customers lending, credit, invoice customers or extend payment terms should credit check customers prior to doing business with them to reduce the risk of the customer defaulting and you not getting paid for a product or service you’ve already delivered.

Obtaining a Business Credit Report is simple and quick. Click the Business Credit Report Pricing button below, select the pricing option you would like, complete the form with your details and the details of the business you would like a report on and submit. You will receive the report within minutes to your inbox.
You can purchase a one off business credit report for $49 +gst via credit card – or choose the multiple report option which offers savings by setting up an account. Note that if you’re wanting to credit check a sole trader, you will need to do a personal credit check, email us for more information.

If your customer, prospective customer, or supplier has a low credit score, this means that they are at a higher risk of defaulting on future payments,. Knowing a customer’s credit score in advance may help you decide how you approach risk management. It’s best practice to ask new customers to sign terms of trade that give you permission to follow a debt collection process. If you decide to do business with a company with a low credit score, you may also be able to negotiate payment terms that require prepayment or cash on delivery.

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