Using the PPSR – an overview for businesses

19 August 2021 Posted by: Sarah Brown Business Resources
PPSR - Overview for Business

What is the Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR)?

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) is a national online database, managed by the New Zealand Government, where security interests in personal property can be registered and searched. 

Many New Zealand businesses provide services or goods on credit. Examples include goods and assets like machinery, crop, stock, equipment, and intangible items like intellectual property. 

To protect your interests in those goods, or personal property as accepted as security for outstanding debt, you can register a legal claim to personal property on the PPSR. 

How does the PPSR protect a business?

The PPSR helps businesses manage their credit risk, protect their goods and assets, and recover debt if their customer becomes insolvent or liquidates.

Before extending credit to a customer, you can search the PPSR for any existing security interests over their assets, including finding out if the asset they are offering you as security has been used as security for another creditor. If so, the existing security holder will have priority over this asset.

Once you have searched the register to make sure an asset hasn’t been listed as existing security, you can register your security interest over that asset on the PPSR, to give you a better chance of recovering a debt if your customer defaults. 

In the event of a liquidation, the administrator will review the register and prioritise assets accordingly. If your security is registered on the PPSR, your secured debt will take priority over unregistered debtors. 

Without any secured interest, your claim will be competing with all the other unsecured debts for a share of unsecured assets, which may make it difficult to recover your property, including goods you have provided on consignment or credit. For this reason, registering a security reduces your risk and helps you to protect your cashflow.

Why automate your PPSR registrations?

The Centrix PPSR solution:

  • Makes PPSR management more efficient and cost-effective. 
  • Provides a user-friendly interface.
  • Ensures compliance and accuracy.
  • Allows bulk registration of multiple NZBNs.
  • Completes your PPSR registrations from your credit enquiries. 

Register your securities on the PPSR

To search the PPSR and register a security, visit 

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