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Thank you for contacting Centrix to request a copy of the credit information we hold on you.

Your credit file will be provided to you free as soon as reasonably practicable during the working week. If you supply a current driver’s licence your application will be processed the next working day. If your application excludes this and you provide an alternative form of ID then you can expect your credit report usually in 5-10 working days. Please complete this application form to request access to your credit information held by Centrix.

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If your application is urgent please phone us on 0800 236 874 during office hours to discuss your options.

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We have to take steps to ensure that your Credit Report is only received by you. When selecting a delivery option you need to consider who else may have access to the delivery option you choose. Please enter either your email address or postal address.

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Before we can supply your Credit Report, we need to take precautions to check your identity. If you have a current New Zealand Driver Licence you can enter the number (field 5a on the Driver Licence) and the version number (field 5b on the Driver Licence) and we can verify your details on-line. By entering your Driver Licence details below you agree to us verifying this information with New Zealand Transport Authority. Alternatively, please provide a copy of your photo ID (e.g. passport, foreign driver Licence) by email or post so we can process your application.

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The information you provide us on this application form is used to confirm your identity and to satisfy ourselves that we are providing your Credit Report to you, and not someone else. If we cannot satisfy ourselves of your identity, we may require further information from you, or may not be able to provide access. If access to your Credit Report is not provided, we will give you reasons for this. If you provide us with your Driver Licence details we confirm that this information will not form part of your credit report and any record of your driver licence details as part of our verification process will be retained in a hashed form as required under the Credit Reporting Privacy Code. By choosing the Delivery Option above you are confirming to us that you will be the recipient of your Credit Report when we deliver your report to you this way.

Your name, address and date of birth information you provide us updates your credit information to ensure the most recent and accurate information is on your credit file. This information may be available to credit bureau subscribers when inquiring on your file in the future in accordance with the Credit Reporting Privacy Code. As an example, this information may be made available when a subscriber is assessing an application for credit made by you (with your consent).

The Identification Verification Information that you provide to us will be kept by us for audit and administrative purposes. We will not give this information to anyone unless we are required to by law. The Credit Reporting Privacy Code contains a Summary of Rights that sets out the rights the code gives individuals. You can download a copy from here . If you believe any of the information we hold on you is incorrect, please contact us. Details of our correction procedure or complaints procedure can be found on our website here

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