Fraud and Identity Reports

Protection, compliance and peace of mind

Fraudulent activity is on the rise globally – and so are the regulations protecting against it.

Safeguard your or your clients’ business from fraud and provide peace of mind you are dealing with a legitimate person or entity with our identity and fraud reports. Designed to help you quickly deal with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT) New Zealand legislative requirements, reduce the costs of manual checking and avoid losses from fraudulent transactions.

Simple and affordable, our reports will quickly provide you with protection, compliance and peace of mind so you can make a safer business investment or decision. We have the most comprehensive account payment data and credit information on 95% of credit active Kiwis, or  4 million consumers.

We offer no joining fees and no ongoing annual fees. Pay only for what you use with our competitive per report pricing.

Fraud Share New Zealand

Fraud Share New Zealand is a cross-industry fraud criterion solution. Using our Consumer Credit Bureau information, Fraud Share New Zealand detects suspicious and fraudulent applications through the monitoring of data shared by participating businesses. Our credit reporting platform enables direct access to the Fraud Share New Zealand service. Fraud Share New Zealand provides a single point of reference where businesses can collectively build fraud awareness to enhance detection and prevention. To read more about Fraud Share New Zealand please go here. Or to talk to us about more detail, please call on 0800 236 874.

As New Zealand’s only locally owned consumer credit agency, we know New Zealand better than anyone. 

Anti Money Laundering AML Compliant

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