Commercial Credit Report

Make faster, more reliable credit decisions

Make smarter lending decisions with real-time, comprehensive data pulled into an easily digestible report.

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How it works

  • Rich real-time information

Access credit enquiries, defaults and payment data pulled from credit services including the NZ Companies Office, debt collection agencies and our partner, CreditWorks.

  • The highest level of predictability

Make smarter lending decisions with a rich data based score that lets you immediately predict whether a company will default or fail. The score is an assessment of the credit risk of the company enquired upon. The score is designed to predict the likelihood that a company will default or fail in the short/medium term. The score is displayed in a simple, digestible format allowing you to quickly and easily assess a business’s creditworthiness.

  • The info you need at a glance

Top-line data is outlined in a simple table for assessment at a glance. Also includes a summary of frequency and time frames of inquiries, including PPSR over the last 12-24 months.

  • Granular data included

The report lets you deep-dive into data when you need to – review type of credit account and/or dollar value previously applied for.

Customise your reporting – and pay only for what you use

Pay only for the information you need. You can customise your report to include some or all of the following:

  • Average days to pay – providing insight into how quickly a company is paying its invoices.
  • Director’s consumer file (with consent)
  • Beneficial Owners Report and corporate family tree to easily understand the company shareholding structure

To access our reports, we offer a number of options:

  • Make decisions based on real-time information
  • Say “yes” to customers faster
  • Better manage your risk
  • Take on more good customers
  • Set the right credit terms for each customer
  • Get consistent across your assessment process
  • Australian company reports also available

To learn more or talk to our team about an integrated solution, get in touch 0800 236 874