Commercial Credit Risk

Centrix has agreements with credit providers, database owners and debt collection agencies for the supply of credit related data. This means Centrix receives data feeds in large volumes, resulting in an extensive credit reporting database.

Reports are available for both NZ and Australian entities.

Commercial Credit Report

The Centrix Commercial Credit Report is a tool to help you make informed decisions about new and existing customers.

The reports include any adverse credit information on the companies file, directorship details, bankruptcies etc.

Our business partners CreditWorks and CreditNet provide us with databases of judgement and payment default data.  The score encompasses 3 months of payment data, giving you ‘positive’ or comprehensive credit data for commercial entities.

The easy to read Risk Assessment indicator provides a guide on the businesses credit worthiness.

Key Benefits

Real time outcomes for quick decisions
Say “yes” to your customers as quickly as possible
Manage risk exposure
Take more of the goods, and less of the bads
Detailed information – instead of turning the company away, is there another product or different credit terms you could offer?
Consistency across assessment process
Australian company reports also available




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