Decisioning Software

SmartLink is a cloud based software solution developed and supported by Centrix.

It enables credit providers to integrate into an automated credit decisioning process into their system which can interface to multiple credit bureau.

SmartLink’s primary functions are:

  1. Message translation

SmartLink can receive and return messages in other credit bureau formats. If a credit provider has an existing interface to another bureau, it can also be used to interface to SmartLink.

  1. Bureau interface

SmartLink is essentially a gateway which can interface to different bureaux based on a credit provider’s requirements to retrieve information which supports their credit decisions.

  1. Business rule execution

Once credit information has been retrieved from one or more bureau, SmartLink will execute business rules over the data as a whole to determine a credit decision. Credit providers receive an instantaneous Approve, Decline or Refer decision aligned to their credit policies and risk tolerance.

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