What type of consent is required and how do I get consent?

What type of consent is required and how do I get consent?

January 23, 2017
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There are many ways of obtaining consent and you must make your own decision about how you are going to do that (in writing, in person, over the phone or electronically). Whichever way you choose to obtain consent, when we carry out our scheduled compliance monitoring (see below for further information on this) you must be able to show us that you obtained the consent before you made the enquiry or listed the default. Most of our subscribers get consent in writing as this is the easiest way to show that the person has given their consent.

We have some sample consent clauses which may assist you in obtaining the appropriate authorisations. These are for illustrative purposes only and are not legal advice and you should obtain your own independent legal advice on how you obtain consent and how to comply with your obligations under the subscriber agreement and the Privacy Act 1993.

You should make sure you keep these consent for at least as long as Centrix is able to report the information (see below for table of maximum reporting periods).

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