What is a Centrix credit report?

What is a Centrix credit report?

September 12, 2016
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A Centrix credit report contains credit information about you that is allowed by the Credit Reporting Privacy Code (“Code”). Centrix may provide your credit report to its subscribers, including credit providers that have your consent to review your credit report and debt collectors. Generally, credit providers are businesses who lend money (such as banks or finance companies) or businesses who provide goods and services before payment (such as mobile phone retailers or gas or electricity retailers).

The following information may be on your credit report:

  • Full Name and any known alias name or previous name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Address and any known previous address
  • Occupation and any previous occupation
  • Employer and any previous employer
  • Type of credit sought
  • Amount of credit sought
  • Whether you are the applicant, joint applicant or guarantor
  • Date of the application
  • Details of the credit provider

In addition, the following information in relation to any defaults by you in payments of a credit account may be on your credit report:

  • Whether you are the account holder or guarantor
  • Date of the default
  • Type of account, the amount in default and the total amount owing on the account
  • Status of the default including details of any referral to a debt collector and any payment, part payment, scheme of arrangement or write-off subsequent to the default
  • Details of the final settlement of an amount of default
  • Details of the subscriber
  • Subscriber’s client reference number
    • Your report may also contain information sourced from public registries such as:

    • District and High Court Judgements
    • Current and past Company directorships
    • Bankruptcy notices

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