Asset Verification

Centrix provides a range of value-add services to assist credit providers with their credit risk management processes.

Quick and accurate verification of the assets involved in any business deal are critical in managing your risk and exposure.

We have detailed reports available for motor vehicle and property ownership and values.  Access to PPSR (personal property security register) is also available.


The Wheels Report is designed to assist the finance industry, providing immediate access to the New Zealand Transport Authority for ownership and vehicle registration data, PPSR for known securities and optionally Ministry of Justice Court Fines.

Our easy to use, concise and accurate reports can be customised to meet your requirements, simply select from the below options.

     NZTA registered details
     Ministry of Justice Court Fines
     Redbook Vehicle Valuation
     Vehicle ratings







PPSR is a centralised, electronic register where notice of a security interest or agreement relating to personal property can be registered.

Registering a security interest gives creditors a better chance of recovering a debt if the debtor defaults.

Centrix PPSR portal allows users to search, register, renew and manage security interests with ease.

Search the PPSR – The PPSR can be used to assess the level of risk that a debtor may represent to a creditor. Before entering into a contractual relationship with a debtor search the PPSR to check whether they may pose a risk.
You May:
– Search a debtor to determine whether there are any existing security interests over their collateral, this may mean they have a number of existing debts.
– Search a debtor to identify if the piece of collateral they are offering you as security has been used as security for another party, and if so, someone else will have priority over this collateral.
Register a Financing Statement on the PPSR Registering your security interest on the PPSR may give you a better chance of recovering a debt if your debtor defaults. The Act (Personal Property Securities Act 1999) contains rules for determining priority between security interests in the same collateral. It is therefore important to register your security interests as soon as possible. If you do not register your security interests and a debtor is adjudicated bankrupt or is placed into liquidation, secured creditors will be ahead of you when payments are made or assets distributed.

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