Beneficial Owners

Identifying beneficial ownership for AML/CFT compliance purposes can be an arduous task.

Centrix has developed an online solution to assist businesses in identifying beneficial ownership quickly and accurately.

In more complex entities, multiple layers can take over 30 minutes to work through.

It is possible for ownership to be split into parcels of 25 percent or less, but relationships between the parties may give an individual aggregated ownership of the company that amounts to more than 25 percent.

Key Benefits

   Real time outcomes for quick decisions
   Say “yes” to your customers quicker
   Consistency across assessment process
   Assists AML/CFT compliance
   Customisable rule set
   Individuals can be verified through Smart ID once identified as a beneficial owner

For example:

Once logged into the web portal, you simply enter the business name or NZBN, and the output will automatically calculate beneficial ownership to the % you set within seconds.



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